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Common payment methods accepted by dbtrekkers include:

  1. Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.)
  2. Debit cards
  3. Bank transfers
  4. PayPal or other online payment systems
  1. Travel insurance: Travel insurance typically covers unexpected events such as trip cancellation or interruption, medical emergencies, lost or stolen luggage, and more depending on the policy purchased.

  2. Hotel accommodations: Hotels may offer a guarantee that ensures a certain level of quality for the accommodations and amenities provided, or a refund if the room does not meet the guest’s expectations.

  3. Tour packages: Tour operators may offer a guarantee that ensures the itinerary will be followed as planned or a refund if changes are made to the itinerary without prior notice.

It’s important to carefully read the terms and conditions of any travel warranty or guarantee to fully understand what is covered and what is not.

we are located in the Tharali Region of Uttarakhand

Just fill out the contact form, or you can directly call us at provided contact numbers from there our executive will coordinate with you.

Certainly NO.

If you have already done Himalayan treks, still you will have to get information on various aspects (e.g. route details, seasons to go for, physicality, etc.) before choosing a trek.

And if you are a beginner, you MUST require assistance from experienced persons around. Also, we are here to help you to get started. Be sure that you are well-informed before joining. Read the FAQ to get an idea.

For further details contact us by email or call directly.

Any adventure activity like trekking can’t be 100% safe. There will always be inherent risk factors at high altitudes, especially when it is in the Himalayas. But don’t get worried as neither driving nor breathing in any of our metro cities is 100%  safe!

We at Dbtrekker will take all the necessary precautions required for your desired High altitude trek. We will carry quality camping equipment that will be well-suited for your adventure. Our experienced guide(s) and support staff are the most valuable asset we have. They are hand-picked professional locals to be along with you during the trek. Their decision-making ability and faster actions become plus when safety may be at a stake.

We carry basic medicine cum First Aid Kit on a trek. Additionally, we keep oxygen cylinder(s) available for any Moderate or Difficult trek. On most of the treks, we have internal radio communication for higher safety.

We do insure all our trekkers ( it’s included for all Indian nationals up to 60 years of age) for any accidents on mountains for additional precaution and safety.

We prepare for the worst and hope for the best. However, preparation from a trekker’s side is equally important and we guide you thoroughly about how to prepare for any trek.


The answer is very simple, the fitter you are, the chances are better that you will extract the most from a trekking trip.

Logically answering the above,

  • As we gain a higher altitude in a trek, the air becomes thinner. To cope with the decreasing level of Oxygen we need to build Aerobic fitness.
  • Defying gravity and walking for a long duration on a steep slope with a rucksack/day-pack require a moderate level of Strength and Endurance training.
  • The above two get coupled on any high-altitude Himalayan trek and it is a must that we spend time and effort to address these.


Yes. Internet & network coverage stays with you while trekking.


Yes. You will come across food shops in your trekking route.


Solo trekkers can opt for moderate-level treks. Other trek routes are recommended for groups with our trained guides.


We do hike in the rain, snow, wind, and any other weather conditions that nature decides to throw at us. After all, we’re going on adventures! If the weather is unsafe for any reason, the trip will be changed or postponed. You will be notified the week of your trip if there are changes due to weather.


YOU CAN. A trek isn’t a sport of any kind that you need very high standard of physical fitness and adequate skills . Though a modest physical fitness, trekking gears  and experienced support staff are must.


You will get safe drinking water at all the campsites, collected from a nearby stream or source. Normally these sources are well-known and free of any contamination. We DON’T carry any bottled/packaged water on treks with us.

Boiled water will be served at campsites. Carry adequate water along with you during your hiking.  Don’t forget to ask your guide about the option of refilling your bottle during the walk.

For additional precaution, you may bring water purification tablets/portable pouches, etc, though not really required.


Please contact us to get the latest information on your desired trip.


If the group you are looking for is full, it is best to opt for an alternative date or look for another trek starting on the same date.


Once you start the registration process, we will block your booking for 24 hours. You will have to complete the booking within 24 hours. The booking automatically becomes inactive if you do not complete it in 24 hours.


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